This work explores the coastline of Normandy, France. Where on June 6th 1944 American, British & Canadian forces landed on the beaches in one of our histories most poignant wartime moments – D-Day.

The beaches still hold some evidence of the past; decaying concrete defences that bore witness to the violence of yesterday. Yet I did not want to focus on these structures; my aim was to document the surrounding landscapes, to reflect upon the current environment and leave the connective discourse to the viewer.

‘Landings’ was produced with no preconceived visual resolution; it was shot within a finite timeframe that required careful consideration upon the transformed landscape. Working with two distinct camera formats and utilising just ten rolls of film, giving a total of only ninety exposures; this project was constructed with a stringent methodology.

In this series, the colour panoramic frames portray a rather banal ‘picture postcard’ scene; contrasted with the suggestive and textured tonal qualities of the monochromatic square frames. However, with the knowledge of what the work represents; there is an underlying sense of contemplative tension, which compels a moment of reflection and examination into our past.