Blue Radials – Der Ring des Nibelungen

An operatic adventure of epic proportions, Wagner’s ‘Ring Cycle’ has it all, Gods, Giants, Dwarfs, Love, Death, Thunderbolts & Lighting, and not forgetting some anvils; it is a spectacular mythological tale that revolves around a magical golden ring and all those who seek its power.

This series is a visual interpretation of the audio waveforms extrapolated from this powerful opera. Each track was opened in a digital audio editor where its linear waveform was outputted into a raster graphics package; from there, each waveform was manipulated into a radial design to take on the appearance of a ring.

Each design was then outputted onto digital transfer film to serve as negative templates; through timed UV exposures that corresponded to the duration of each track, the drama and scale of this opera was truly captured and exposed into this series of waveform cyanotypes.