Typographical Designs

Typographical Designs

Yikes, I really need to blog more…

Even though I’ve been really busy with teaching etc, I’ve managed to complete a few new typographical based designs, which have been turned into cyanotypes for my Etsy store. The first was a commission for a take on the Beaufort Scale, a fun design where I distressed the fonts as the scale increased; note the wind speed becoming more fuzzy and the wave height filling up the numbers.


The second was a pleasing layout and guide to type structure, I always like the anatomical names given, such as ear, tail and foot. 
Type Anatomy
 The last, but fairly recent design was a rework of the Shipping Forecast areas around the UK isles. I took some liberties with font choice, with some being a bit cliched, but hey, they work. I even got a couple of nice ligatures in there.
Shipping Forecast TypographyHere is what the Beaufort Scale looks like as a cyanotype:
 They can all be found on my Etsy page, see:

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