CV Design

CV Design

Well it has been 128 days since my last post… That almost sounds like an opening to a support group meeting. Anyway, my excuse is that I have busy with teaching, plotting and other creative tomfoolery. 

I’m currently seeking other teaching work so I thought it would be good to update my CV and not just the content; a whole new design was needed, so I went down a more typography/graphical route. I looked online and found lots of inspiration, but in the end I will admit that I based it on a template. However I ended up building a new design over the top of the template in Photoshop. The principle design was OK I just wanted a different font pairing, colour scheme and layout. 

I have two versions, the first I tailored for TEFL positions and the second, which is presented here is targeted for photography/art based teaching.

Photo Page 01Photo Page 02


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