Hashtag – Selfie Sticks are lame!

Hashtag – Selfie Sticks are lame!
With all the selfie-stick craze happening, I thought I would have a go… Instead of some light-weight flimsy stick and a smartphone I wanted to use my 5″x4″ and make a man size selfie.
So here is my selfie using a Chamonix 5″x4″ field camera on a Manfrotto monopod, fired using a long cable release: 
Selfie Stick 3
Note the chap squatting in the background taking a photo, well thats my dad photographing the setup:
Selfie Stick 2
Selfie Stick 1

So for the peeps with your selfie sticks I must paraphrase:

‘You’re a semi-selfie-stick. You’re a quasi-selfie-stick. You’re the margarine of selfie-sticks. You’re the Diet Coke of selfie-sticks. Just one calorie, not selfie stick enough’

One comment on “Hashtag – Selfie Sticks are lame!
  1. Actuphoto says:

    Hello Russell,

    We are a webmagazine based in France and we love your work!

    We are writing an article about your Chamonix 5″x4″ selfies and would like to illustrate it. Do you mind if we use your photograph to do so ? You will evidently be credited.

    Thanks a lot,


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