Doppelgängerism The Collection

Doppelgängerism The Collection

Here is the collection of the collaborative project between Craig Hull & Russell Squires ‘me’. The project was born out of friendship and a shared passion for film photography; our overall objective was to explore a collaborative pathway through the manipulation of a shared roll of film. After an initial few experiments we settled on the technique of ‘double exposure’, yet we took a different angle on this old technique.

It starts with one of us shooting on a roll of 120/medium format film, then once fully exposed it is posted to the other photographer. The film is then re-spooled, then exposed through another camera; after this it is processed, scanned and then edited. As neither of us informed the other of the content of the first set of exposures, the subsequent shots are formed without guidance thus revealing an interesting and unpredictable narrative. The images give insight to each person’s life, their surroundings and focus, snippets of information merge with each other to lay a new and chaotic discourse.

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  1. Steve Fisher says:

    Love these images. I could look at them for hours

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