Fuji X-E1 PC Adapter Lens Combo Test

Fuji X-E1 PC Adapter Lens Combo Test

Just a short and sweet test. This is using the set-up below which is the Fuji X-E1, a wonderful camera. Then attached is a Kipon PC lens adapter Nikon mount fit with 10mm of movement, which then has a Samyang 14mm 2.8 on it. With this set up you can only use a full frame lens on a APS sized sensor due to the shift element requiring a larger image circle.
PC Rig

The Fuji-Kipon-Samyang Combo

PCTest 1
No movement
PCTest 2
+ 4mm Rise
PC Test 1
No movement
PC Test 2 + 7mm Rise

Overall a successful test for architectural perspective control without paying ~ £1000 for a dedicated PC lens for a full frame DSLR. The next step is to test the 14mm combo with some interiors.

One comment on “Fuji X-E1 PC Adapter Lens Combo Test
  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Russel, I was exactly looking into this set up for my x-t1's and upcoming x-pro 2. Would you have a Highrez unmodified file that you could link or privately send by email to view the overal IQ and performances of this combo ? I see that the kipon adapter exists in PK mount as well. I m still not sure of which to take as I may be able to get the lens 2nd hand in PK mount cheap, but the nikon mount may have better resell value if anything. Thank you in advance !

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