Not another ISO test… FUJI X-E1

Not another ISO test… FUJI X-E1

Well after months of looking around for a replacement for my trusted Nikon D300 and not wanting to continue down an DSLR route I eventually settled on a Fuji X-E1. Which thus far is proving to be a sweet little alternative to the big boys out there. 

I wanted to conduct my own studio based ISO test, just to see if it holds its own against a Canon 5D MKII. Well, based upon quality it certainly has it in a headlock… 

I do not want to spout of a tirade of comments saying that this system is better than another purely based on one factor. I get tired of the usual Mamiya Vs Hasselblad & Canon Vs Nikon boring arguments, well not forgetting the trusted Pentax. Cameras are a tool for a job, if you like a certain make and the quality it produces, does it matter what it is? 

Anyhow I have produced pinhole images that are sharper and hold more definition than what I see some of the newbie ”Commercial” based photographer produce…

I did have an good conversation with a ProTog friend about cameras and quality etc. Sometimes it is about showmanship and looking the part. Certain photographic sectors you would not be taken seriously if you turned up to a shoot with a CCS ‘Compact Camera System’ even though the end result would be the same. I recall a wedding I photographed a few years ago where an uncle of the bride said to me outright pointing at my kit, “You’re not a professional with that camera, thats only a pro-consumer kit.”

It seems that in this rich visual technological market, to be considered as a Pro you need to compensate with overpriced equipment that may be beyond your requirements. Oh well…I will hush now as I tend to waffle and go off on a tangent.

All images shot under tungsten light in manual mode, f-8,  focus point – Hassy Text, WB-Tungsten, JPEG & at RGB 98 colour space. Then just exposure,  colour temperature and brightness altered in Aperture. 

Canon 200Canon 5D MKII – ISO 200

Fuji 200
Fuji X-E1 – ISO 200
Canon 6400
Canon 5D MKII – ISO 6400
Fuji 6400
Fuji X-E1 – ISO 6400
 Canon 200C
Canon 5D MKII – ISO 200 Crop
Fuji 200C
Fuji X-E1 – ISO 200 Crop
Canon 6400C
Canon 5D MKII – ISO 6400 Crop
Fuji 6400C
Fuji X-E1 – ISO 6400 Crop
Overall I would say that the results are in favour of the Fuji slight sharper and more definition. 
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  1. Really interesting to read this and see the difference in shooting with each of the cameras. I myself have a CCS and when I went to discuss some equipment recently with a professional photographer I was told that to get anywhere in photography I should have brought a DSLR camera. The reason I brought my camera, Sony NEX C3, was because after having a play around with it in the shop I really liked it and couldn't really see what the difference was between a CCS and a DSLR. I do wonder that if I was to shoot weddings etc at a professional level would I have to buy a DSLR in order to be taken seriously?

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