Anglepoise Endeavours

Anglepoise Endeavours

Following up from my initial test of working with the Angle Poise lamp in the studio experimenting with shadow-play and the stop frame animation piece here are some final pictures from the session. The primary lamp used is an Original 1227 in chrome available here… AP 1227

Shadow Play 1 This was the first composition and test, overall I like the simplicity however the highlight blowout is a little distracting but not important in this case. 

Shadow Play 2
Utilising any objects that were immediately available interesting forms were appearing, I had wanted to create certain scenes but alas my time/experience was not in my favour. 
Shadow Play 3
A much older Angle Poise lamp proved very interesting to use. 
Shadow Play 4
This was the setup just before the stop frame animation piece, I liked how the flash cone was the same diameter and shape to that of the lamp. 
Shadow Play 5
This piece is directly inspired by the GUI graphics used in the great motion picture ‘Stranger Than Fiction‘. I love how the simple forms can be adapted and altered to create different layers and depth within the image. 
Shadow Play 6
Just a simple play humanising the lamp through an expression of confusion. 
Overall this initial test has given me great scope of possible setups using the lamp in other environments and then applying a GUI layer in response to the scenes. I had originally wanted to create a set of images that had more intricate shadow-play designs that conveyed various creative people/elements. Upon reflection I am more in favour of the GUI idea. Watch this space…

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