Schrodinger’s Polaroids…

Schrodinger’s Polaroids…

This is the entry I’m submitting to the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2012. Below is my artistic statement that will accompany the work…

Schrodinger’s Polaroid’s

Through the instantaneous satisfaction and near certainty that large format Polaroid print film produces; the photographer is comforted of a final resolution, albeit the Polaroid itself or the prelude to traditional film stock, the end result is somewhat reassuring. With digital photography this certainty is guaranteed, upon its capture and initial viewing on an LCD screen, its binary state is absolute until the point of post-production manipulation.

I propose that after shooting a large format Polaroid print packet and before the prescribed standard processing is applied, it possesses different possible states of existence. The contents could be described by the subjective viewpoint of the image-maker as being quite limitless in its aesthetic appreciation and possible visual discourse. It lies in a state of visual flux, neither is it a print nor a useable object; a degree of tangibility can be applied to its perceived existence and possible processing outcome.

Presented is an edit of a larger investigation into the diverse discourses of large format (5”x4”) Polaroid packets. With this presentation each packet is accompanied by a subjective description, coupled with a brief descriptive account with regards to the technical parameters of how they were controlled. The paradoxical nature lies within their given and understood state, if handled any further, in terms of attempted processing their observable nature will alter to that of an unpredictable narrative other than detailed.

Below is one such subjective description:

Packet #04

• Exposed August 12th 2005
• Stored at room temperature since exposure
• Partially fogged due to operator error June 28th 2012
• Unprocessed and digitally documented June 28th 2012

This is a scene that was shot on a warm summers afternoon, a gentle breeze made a pleasing whistle through the surrounding trees. In front of the camera laid a path that left you with a feeling of trepidation. The scent of the surrounding flowers produced a subtle fragrance that eased the tension…

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