SC&P #01: Polaroid CR-9 Land ‘Oscilloscope’…

SC&P #01: Polaroid CR-9 Land ‘Oscilloscope’…

Camera – Polaroid CU-9 Land
Film – Fuji FP100c

OMG a post… It has been a while but rest assured more will follow.

This is the first post of what will be a project to reconnect with photography through just using various cameras. ‘Shoot, Contact & Print’ (SC&P) was how I approached each film whilst studying. I enjoyed the process of making contacts and studying the frames to see what you wanted to print. Although this first camera bypasses the contact stage as it is shot on Polaroid/Fuji instant film, it is still in keeping with the project’s underlying theme which is there is no theme just the act of using a multitude of different camera formats. I started with this Polaroid camera as I have been longing to use it for years.

Well this camera was purchased about 5 years ago on ebay, just one of those ‘ooh must have that’ moments. It’s a very basic design with a fixed focus distance which is set by simply placing the hood over an oscilloscope screen. It has a 70mm lens with a self cocking Prontor shutter, these cameras were initially made in 1972 for the UK.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if this camera can be used for anything other than capturing waveforms on an oscilloscope?

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