Photophernalia {thingamabobs}

Photophernalia {thingamabobs}

It struck me with a deep sense of ‘yikes’ am I getting old very quickly or is the understanding and knowledge of past photographic equipment just eluding the digital generation of photographic students? The other week a student was interested in using an SLR camera, as in a 35mm (135) basic/manual traditional single lens reflex; the interesting part was they referred to it as a ‘black & white camera’. It is though colour photography did not exist before digital cameras, albeit compacts or DSLR, they purely perceived traditional SLR’s as only black & white.

I was interested in what other pieces of photographic equipment are on the verge of becoming relics, lost to a bygone time; it is understandable that due to the nature of photography being born from science that its evolution would be swift. It just seems that in some ways it’s very history is being swept away.

Anyway the images below just depict various tools and other bits of photographic paraphernalia that although do get used from time to time are rapidly fading away.

2 comments on “Photophernalia {thingamabobs}
  1. Thea says:

    Russell, you are getting like Steve!! :O
    Also have you looked at these in BW?
    Thea xx

  2. Rob says:

    When I was teaching at fareham college one of the students there said exactly the same thing to me. It defies logic, but before you know it it will be the norm!
    Annoying I know.

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