A Lone Tour

A solo trip to Barcelona in 2014 provided me with the opportunity to observe fellow tourists whilst they photographed their holiday. I witnessed how no object, nor person was left uncaptured; particularly, how important it was to photograph loved ones and themselves, typically posing in front of aesthetically pleasing landmarks.

It is this portraiture element that interested me; I wanted to produce evidence of my presence in such locations. Alas, with no companion to aid me, I needed to explore a more stringent approach of photographing myself. So I chose to use a TLR film camera with a five-meter air-cable-release. I composed myself in a rigid and banal form and waited patiently until my fellow tourists had moved along.

The act of photographically consuming our environment is standard practice now; on holidays in particular, our cameras become an extension of who we are. They provide a buffer between us and reality; we view the everyday via an LCD screen; yet we fail to truly experience our environment.

‘A Lone Tour’ represents a snippet of the places and sights I experienced in a week, the images are fragments of what I perceived to be beautiful. In such a busy city these shots are devoid of people, I was alone and toured this metropolis accordingly.